Reality Awareness Program

TCA Reality Awareness Program Team
Reality Awareness Program is a prayer group for women, organized by TCA USA. The purpose of RAP is to have a spiritual getaway for the women living busy lives. We get together to pray, discuss the bible readings, and relate it to our lives. We meet once a month on the first Saturday for prayer and meaningful reflection. Rev. Fr. Gunabal Arachi has presided over our gatherings for the past years, and still continues to be our support.

As a Reality Awareness group, we volunteer and visit local old age homes. In 2009, RAP organized a special Way of the Cross and Palm Sunday Mass during the season of Lent for all the TCA members. It was a traditional Palm Sunday celebration with a procession and reflection.

We hope to continue this Palm Sunday celebration for years to come.

RAP service focuses on a specific theme every year. For the year, we had taken St. Paul’s gospel as our theme for Bible reading and reflection, as the year 2009 has been declared the ‘Year of St. Paul’ by the Church. Rev. Fr. Gunabal Arachi guides us in the focused direction in selecting the theme and in progressing in the theme discussion all the time.

RAP team has been functioning merely with members’ goodwill and participation in every aspect. Mrs. Daphne Christine Joseph has been diligently preparing the Evites for the RAP prayer gatherings with inspiring thoughts and visuals. She has been a great strength for RAP. All active members of the RAP team volunteer to sponsor a prayer service in their residence, which makes it possible for more members to conveniently attend the RAP Prayer Service. All the members take a turn in sharing the RAP prayer experience from the meeting, to other members through email. The purpose of this is to keep other members, unable to attend aware of the Readings discussed and the reflective thoughts derived from our sharing, during the prayer service. Overall, it is a great team work, making this spiritual gathering as a reality.

Also in 2009, the RAP women accepted the responsibility of assisting with TCA mass prayers and preparation. Our RAP members write the prayer of the faithful for every mass. And now, in the year 2010, we are happy to have Rev. Fr. Albin Roby guiding us with our prayer service. If you would like to learn more about us, or join us monthly, please contact TCA EC members. As members of RAP, we are pleased to see our group growing in numbers and faith each year.