உலக தம்பதியர் தின வாழ்த்துக்கள்
Agnel Bestus Arockiaraj, President, TCA USA
Dear TCA Members,

I welcome all of you as we are getting into the 15th year of Tamil Catholic Association (TCA) as a registered organization. We are celebrating the World Marriage day on Feb 25 at St Mary Mother of God Church in Hillsborough, NJ. We will have a special prayer and marriage oath renewal during the mass. So please plan to attend and receive blessings.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the TCA office bearers and general body members who made our 2017 Christmas celebration a grand success.

I want to introduce our new TCA EC Member – Lawrence Savarimuthu, who has dedicated his time and service for the next 4 years and take this organization to heights.

Please give your TCA 2018 Annual Membership fees, if you haven’t yet.

We will have our Palm Sunday celebration at St Bernard of Clairvaux RC Church, Bridgewater on March 25th.

We have been celebrating the first communion & Baptism of our TCA kids for the last four years. Please reach us if you plan to celebrate the holy Sacraments of First Holy Communion or Baptism for your kids during our April or September mass. As you know, this will be a great experience for the kids, parents, friends and family.

Youth Group coordinators are planning to have new redesigned activities for Youths including Youth Choir, Bible Study and Charity Activities. Please see EC Youth group coordinators Rachel Anantha, Shanthi Thangaraj and Immaculate Sahayaraj and to engage your Youth kids and be part of the discussions.

Please mark your calendars for our upcoming Annual pilgrimage to Blue Army at Washington NJ on June 16th

Please encourage your Tamil Catholic friends who have not been fortunate to come for TCA masses to come and be part of this excellent organization.

The Purpose of Fasting
Angelin James
As Catholics, we are told to “give up” something or keep a Lenten promise that is kept throughout the 40 days of Lent. One of the most widely used Lenten promise is to give up chocolate. To some, this may seem like a difficult task. However to others, this is may seem manageable. The purpose of a Lenten promise is self-denial. Through self-denial, we are consequently able to turn away from sin and come closer in our relationship with God. Therefore, instead of simply turning away from sugary treats for 40 days, many people’s Lenten promise is to add something to their live. This can be setting some time to be alone and pray to God at the end of the day or helping out he homeless man you pass by everyday on your way to work. Through these acts, we will grow spiritually and improve our roles as Catholics. As Jesus said in in Luke 9:23, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” In other words, Jesus says that in order to be a true followers or true Christian, you must giving up certain pleasures of life in order to turn away from sin. Jesus is not necessarily telling us to drop everything and follow him, like the disciples did, but he wants us to turn away from sin by giving up small things in life in order to be closer to him.

Some ways to spiritually improve ourselves this Lenten season is by avoiding saying and thinking harsh words towards other and instead have a kinder outlook towards our neighbors. Additionally God wants us to give up grudges against others and forgives our enemies and reconcile. We can also try to be more compassionate towards others instead of being selfish. Lastly, we can avoid complaining and encourage more simplicity in our lives.

TCA 2017 Finance summary
2017 beginning balance $16,100
2017 ending balance $19,300
Annual Membership, Christmas Contributions & Sponsors $13,810
Amazon Smile Contribution $40
Annual Expenses $10,650
2017 Long term investment opening balance $1,000
2017 Long term investment closing balance $1,030
Prayers for Spouse
Anusha Mathias

Milestone Wedding Anniversary
Congratulations and Best Wishes to all the TCA couples who are celebrating Milestone Wedding anniversary.

Family Wedding Day Milestone Year
Francis Kennedy Joseph/Isabel Francis 20-Sep-1993 25
John Thangaraj/Shanthi Thangaraj 18-Jan-1993 25
Manikandan Radhakrishnan/Nirmala Robert 26-Apr-1998 20
Arputharaj Jothimani/Anitha JosephPushparaj 22-May-2003 15
Raja Maria Antony/Angelin Sharmila 04-Jun-2003 15
Xavier Rajesh Vincent/Brindha Vincent 03-Feb-2003 15
Antony Sudharsan Gnanaraj Anto/Sinthiya Devi 10-Nov-2008 10
Dominic Dariya/Amala Sirisha 08-Aug-2008 10
John Peter Mariya Antony/Shyla Victo Peter 22-May-2008 10
Valentines Day Fun Facts
Rislyn Raja
Hearts, chocolate, flowers. Probably some of the first things you think of when you hear that it’s Valentine’s Day. But, there are a lot more to the fourteenth of February than you may think. Near the end of the 5th century, “Pope Gelasius declared February 14 to celebrate as St. Valentine’s Day.” A more common fact about this day is that it was named after Saint Valentine. Building off of this fact, there was actually more than one saint named Valentine, in fact there was even a pope named Valentine! He served for 40 days around 827 A.D. St. Valentine is the patron saint of engaged couples, happy marriages and also beekeepers. A surprising fact about this day is that Valentine’s day is the second most popular day to send cards (first is Christmas). More than 35 million heart shaped boxes of chocolate are sold, 220 million roses are grown and in the United States, Americans spend $20 billion a year on the holiday. Maybe you can impress your friends with those cool facts!!

Aarthi John Selvaraj 2/6 Adelin Feby Ebenezer 2/16
Alin Clement 2/4 Anabel Gaspar 2/24
Anglin Thevarajah 2/13 Ansgar Coongha 2/7
Ansger Devadhasan 2/7 Anto Mathu 1/18
Asher Joseph 2/27 Benno A Francis 2/13
Brindha Ashleen Vincent 2/23 Charles Joseph 1/13
Christu Rajasekar 2/11 Damian Dhanaraj 1/28
Diya Suresh 2/19 Femila Nayagam 1/12
Franklin Selwin 2/5 Generia Mathias 1/9
Gladson Natarajan 1/3 Gnana Mahiba Simiyone 1/31
Harriet Michael 1/22 Hema Alace 2/12
Hema Rajappan 2/25 Immaculate Sagayaraj 2/1
Janet 1/8 Javiyone Peter 1/12
Jayaraj Mani 2/16 Jean Arockia Martin 1/8
Jenifer Selvapathy 2/26 Jerrina James 1/17
Jessica Jane 2/23 Joseph Arulanantham 2/14
Joseph Ilankumaran 1/12 Joshika Agnel 2/3
Jovena Peter 2/4 Juana Rajan 1/16
Kavi Ranjana Antony 1/12 Lawrence Savarimuthu 2/20
Lucas Joseph 2/11 Maclin Jayakumar 1/10
Maria Dominique 1/22 Mohandass Michael 2/8
Paulraj Rathinasamy 2/21 Preethy Thangaraj 2/17
Rajesh Thomas 2/16 Regina Dhanaraj 1/29
Rev. Arokiadoss Raji 2/1 Rini Catherine 2/28
Rochelle Vincent 2/17 Rohan George 2/16
Shaana Shanthosh 2/22 Shann Antony 1/31
Shanthi Thangaraj 2/13 Shanthosh Stanislaus 1/23
Sharon Stanley 2/1 Sheryl Simpson 2/26
Shyla Victo Peter Benedict Peter 2/1 Subashini 2/18
Sushin Anto 2/17 Swapna Jovita 2/15
SwapnaJovita Paul 2/15 Terryne Edwardraj 2/19
Titus Leo 2/6 Tresa Mahipan 2/18
Velankanniraj Mahimairaj 1/5 Vijayanthi Benno 2/14
Viswini 1/8    

Andrew Sugan / Adlin Savio1/12
Anish Rojar Vinoj / Teena Bose1/5
Antony S George / Shaffina Antony1/19
Arockiasamy Medabalimi / Nirmala Arockiasamy1/20
Deepak FrancisXavier /1/6
Doss Britto / Anita Britto2/11
John Thangaraj / Shanthi Thangaraj1/18
Joseph Vedham / Bridget Joseph2/7
Prakash Raj / Anusha Sabina2/21
Pravin Jerome / Aarthi John Selvaraj1/29
Rajasingam Jayasingam /2/15
Richard Augastine / Shalini Crescentia2/15
Robert Navin / Anu1/25
Ruban / Thami2/15
Simpson Joseph / Janet2/7
Soosai M Raj / Susai K Raj2/6
Velankanniraj Mahimairaj / Hema Alace1/24
Vijay Arokiaraj / Stell Joseph2/12
Xavier Rajesh Vincent / Brindha Ashleen Vincent2/3
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