Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Merry Christmas!
Tamil Catholics Association of USA
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015
To All TCA Families
The Light in the Darkness (Is. 9:1)
Rev. Fr. Albin Roby

We all like Christmas -the most wonderful time of the year. We like to travel around to see the lights in our neighborhood and in the city. Tree lighting ceremony is so big in some parts of the city. Where ever you go, you could hear Christmas songs though many don't want to use the word "Christmas" and "Christ" in order to downplay the religious significance of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ - the light of the world, the only reason for the season.

Both the ancient Jews of the East and the pagan Romans of the West celebrated light at this time of year. The Jews celebrated the restoration of the Temple from the Syrians by lighting a candle on the Menorah for each day of the celebration now called "Hanukkah." The pagan Romans celebrated the sun-god Apollo's conquest of night on the Winter solstice. The Christians trumped these feasts by celebrating the Nativity of the Lord - The Light in the darkness as the Prophet Isaiah says "The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; Upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shone." (Is. 9:1)

The world is still in the clutches of darkness. Very often many people, could be you and me, feel that they are surrounded and sometimes engulfed by darkness because of various gloomy situation. For many, Christmas is a time of sadness, a time of more intense darkness. Some of us have lost loved ones and miss them intensely during this season. For some Christmas is a time of deep sadness because their lives have not followed the plan they set out for themselves and their children. For some Christmas is a time of deep disappointment because of injustice done by the system. Marriages have failed, careers have been disrupted by sickness or sudden unemployment, families have been wounded by addictions, and good people have suffered. How do we attain the focus we need in a world of chaos, confusion, in a world of darkness?

The answer is Jesus. For a Christian, the answer to all questions about life is Jesus.

Before creation, the Bible says, there was darkness. God said "let there be light" and there was light. But darkness is nothing but the absence of light. God could not be an "absence." God is a tremendous presence, God is light. Darkness gives life to nothing, but light gives life to everything: all living things are forms of light, stored light-energy from the sun.

In the obscurity of a windowless cave it will be hard for us to appreciate that the light has come into the world. But to the eye of faith - which is used to darkness - he is "the light shines in the darkness, which the darkness cannot overcome" (John 1:5).

President's Message
Dear Members of TCA,

On behalf of the executive committee, I welcome you all to TCA USA's Christmas celebrations 2014. I sincerely thank all the members of this esteemed organization for giving me the opportunity to serve our community for the past two years. In these years, we have grown tremendously as one family and this Christmas celebration is a true testament to that.

We have established new traditions like First Holy Communication celebrations, where families come together to celebrate holy communication of member kids as one family, new ventures like TCA USA Android/iOS App to make use of latest technologies for our spiritual growth, new initiatives like "TCA USA Youth Choir" where young ones get an active role in the church, new spiritual endeavors like "Pope Francis Homilies", "Lenten Meditation" popcasts etc..

TCA kids are continuing to learn tamil via "பைந்தமிழ் பூங்கா" and three kids earned basic certification. I sincerely thank our counselor Rev. Albin Roby for all his guidance to the executive committee. I'm thankful to the previous presidents (Mr. Francis Xavier & Mr. Thomas Amutharasu) for laying the foundation. I'm grateful to the current EC whose leadership, dedication, sacrifices and hard work. I'm thankful to all the priests for providing us spiritual guidance.

I sincerely thank our outgoing EC members for their great contribution to our organization's growth.

Mr. Francis Kennedy Joseph - Secretary
Mr. Antony George - Financial Secretary
Mrs. Nirmala Arockiasamy - Trustee
Mr. Raja Maria Antony - Trustee

Our election commissioners (Mr. Thomas Amutharasu & Mr. Arockiasamy Medabalimi) happily announce that TCA USA has unanimously elected new candidates for Executive Committee.

Congratulations to the incoming EC members!

Below is the EC for 2015

Mr. James Rethinam - President
Mr. Ilango Rajarathinam - Vice President
Mr. Clement Antonysamy - Secretary
Mr. Christian Mahipan - Joint Secretary
Mr. Agnel Bestus - Treasurer
Mr. Benno Anthuvan - Financial Secretary
Rev. Fr. Albin Roby - Counselor


Mr. Anton Fernando
Mrs. Immaculate Antony
Mr. Joe Arulanandham
Mr. Peter Rajesh
Mrs. Roselin Joseph
Mrs. Shanthi Thankaraj
Mr. Xavier Rajesh

Last but definitely not least, I sincerely thank all the TCA families as TCA is a family only because of you.
Wishing you all Merry Christmas and very Happy and Prosperous New Year

John Lawrence Jesurajan
President TCA USA.

தமிழ் மன்றம்
திரு. ஜேம்ஸ் இரத்தினம்
தமிழ் கத்தோலிக்க சங்கத்தின் தமிழ் மன்றம் சிறப்பான பணிகளை 2014ம் ஆண்டில் நிறைவேற்றியுள்ளது. தமிழ் மன்றத்தின் தமிழ் பள்ளி இரு வகுப்புகளாக செவ்வனே நடந்து வருகிறது . இடைநிலை பள்ளி மாணவர்கள் 2015 மே மாதம் இடைநிலை தேர்வுக்காக தயார் செய்து கொள்ளும் விதமாக தமிழ் பயின்று வருகிறார்கள்.அடிப்படை நிலை மாணவர்கள் 2014 மே மாதம் தேர்வில் கலந்து கொண்டு வெற்றி அடைந்துள்ளார்கள். அடிப்படை நிலை வகுப்புகள் திரு. பீட்டர் இராஜேஷ் அவர்களாலும் இடைநிலை வகுப்புகள் திரு. ஜேம்ஸ் இரத்தினம் மற்றும் திருமதி. ஹேமா இராஜப்பன் அவர்களாலும் நடத்தப்பட்டு வருகிறது.

மேலும் தமிழ் பள்ளி மாணவர்கள் கடந்த 2013ம் ஆண்டு கிறிஸ்துமஸ் விழாவில் நகைச்சுவை மற்றும் கிறிஸ்து பிறப்பு நாடகங்களை நடித்து அமோக வரவேற்பை பெற்றார்கள். இடைநிலை மாணவர்கள் நகைச்சுவை நாடகத்தை வாஷிங்டன் டி. சி. இல் நடந்த அமெரிக்க தமிழ் கத்தோலிக்க மாநாட்டில் திரும்பவும் அரங்கேற்றி பெருமை தேடி தந்தார்கள்.வரும் 2015ம் ஆண்டில் புதிய மழலைக்கல்வி வகுப்பு தொடங்க திட்டமிடப்பட்டுள்ளது. அனைத்து தமிழ் மன்ற மற்றும் தமிழ் பள்ளி திட்டங்களும் சிறப்பாக நிறைவேற வாழ்த்துக்கள்.
TCA Members serving their dioceses
TCA USA 2014 Highlights
  • TCA App for IOS Release
  • New improved and mobile optimized website
Global Reach
  • TCA is in Facebook with 600+ followers
  • TCA is in social media like Twitter and Youtube Channel
  • Podcast with 1000+ likes and followers
  • November Rosary
  • Padre Pio Novena
  • Weekly Pope's Homily in Tamil
  • Lenten Meditation
  • Christina (Actress Mohini) Testimony
Special Traditions
  • Holy Communion for TCA Kids
  • Music Concert
  • Newark Multicultural celebration
  • Metuchen diocese Indian Cultural Mass
  • North American Tamil Catholics Summit

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