Charitable Activities

Charitable Activities

Tamil Catholics Association of USA is a non-profit organization, registered on February 7, 2004. The desire and intention of the Association is to bring the Tamil Catholics, living in USA, together to persevere , cherish and promote the unique heritage of our culture and tradition to the coming generation and to promote fellowship and oneness in helping and supporting the needy , through fund raising and charitable work.

The Tamil Catholics Association of USA thanks all the members, donors and well wishers for the charitable act of fund raising for the Tsunami victims of affected countries. We, as an Association, extended our helping hand, by your generous contribution, to the most needy, through the following Relief Organization actively doing relief efforts in the affected areas.

  • Madras Social Service Society, Madras
  • Pondicherry-Cuddalore Social Service Society, Pondicherry
  • Tanjavur Social Service Society, Thanjavur
  • Kottar Social Service Society, Kanyakumari
  • Valliyur-Thuthukudi Social Service Society, Thuthukudi
  • Sri Lanka Social Service Society

Long Term Project

One of the long term goals of TCA has been to help deserving students by providing funding towards their education. We are glad to announce that TCA successfully achieved this long term goal in year 2009. This was accomplished with the hard work of the TCA EC Members, John Lawrence Jesurajan, Francis Dhanaraj and TCA volunteers Antony Rajan, Anita Jayasingh, and Terryne Edwardraj.

This team diligently worked on creating an application submission process, a selection process and a funds disbursement process. First, completed application forms and supported documents were received from nine students via their TCA member sponsors. Then, through a meticulous selection process that included looking at various criteria like Family Situation, Current Grades, Desired Course etc, three students were shortlisted.

Two students were provided funding for their education from the TCA Long Term Project Fund and for the third student, a private sponsor gracefully volunteered to fund. The funding was provided only for the 2009 – 2010 academic year. The students’ grade and conduct will be monitored and evaluated by the Long term team before future academic years are funded.

The TCA Long term team worked with a non-profit organization called “We Reach-Out” to disburse the funds to the short listed students and followed up with the students and got acknowledgement. We could not have achieved this without all the support from the members especially those who donated towards this cause and those who sponsored the candidates and coordinated with us.

Heartfelt thanks to all the members. We also thank “We Reach-Out” in helping us disburse the funds.